Company / Vision & Mission

Honesty, Legality, Ethics and Transparency kilometer after kilometer and transparency.

Environmental protection and a continuous research for more sustainable development have always been considered the essential values for Curcio, implementation of concrete procedures designed to obtain tangible results.

Polla logistics site hosts the offices, warehouse, workshop and car wash; this site has been designed with the objective of minimizing the environmental impact and is equipped with a photovoltaic rooftop system that allows self-providing energy .

The fleet is constantly renewed and composed by trucks of latest generation and it’s efficiency is guaranteed by internal constant controls carried out by the workshop.

The drivers are constantly update and trained to eco-friendly driving modes for fuel saving and for maintaining a high standard of safety. Efficient logistics, conscious reduction of empty km driving allowing the CO2 emissions reduction through computerized monitoring systems. Since the company was founded, it’s main goal is to develop an environment working, where safety, health, welfare and respect are safeguarded as indispensable values.

Kilometer after kilometer Curcio continues to consider the honesty, legality, transparency and ethics as the fundamental goals for the company’s future.


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